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The widest selection of original clothes (unsorted)!


Our offer includes:

Second-hand unsorted clothes (“original” clothing from collections)

Sprawdź teraz!

See our full offer of unsorted clothes.

Second-hand sorted clothing
(sorted in our warehouse in Poland):

See our full offer of sorted clothes.


*** SALES HIT! ***

Jewellery at competitive prices!

* beaded necklaces, chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, watches, rings.

Books sold by the item!

Here you can buy books in perfect condition exposed on shelves and sold by the item. A large selection of books for adults and bestsellers for children. Wholesale available for Customers interested in larger quantities.

Travel suitcases and bags sold by the item

Here you will find something for yourself for your every trip. Larger or smaller, with or without wheels, at attractive wholesale prices.